Why Royal Containers

Royal Containers is proud to be one of the corrugated converters using only 100% recycled containerboard in our products.

We have two key supply chain partnerships. TenCorr Packaging Inc. has achieved chain of custody certification – a strict, independent standard for responsibly sourced raw materials. And Greenpac Mill LLC is a leader in the production of 100% recycled fibre lightweight linerboard that excels in all its characteristics while reducing weight and retaining strength.

The starting material is only half the story. It's the care and expertise provided by our sales force that completes it. Our experienced staff creates the best packaging solutions for our customers. As an example, Royal Containers won the 2015/2016 3M Canada Sustainability Award. We were able to reduce the basis weight of all their packaging by an average of 7% while aligning our sustainability values with theirs. As well, by using a recycled version of whitetop, we reduced the weight of their white packaging by 8%.

We looked beyond environmental concerns when defining our sustainability goals. We have committed to responsible stewardship in all that we do, which also means taking care of employee health and safety, ensuring economic sustainability and supporting our local communities. Our corporate values support each of these initiatives.

Visit our Certifications page for more details about standards.

What We Do

We hold ourselves accountable to our customers for seven key service qualities.

Ease of doing business

This means you have 24/7 access to service through our custom online system, and if you phone us during business hours, you will always speak to a live person for time-sensitive problem solving and expert advice.


This means we provide consistent, professional and reliable service support, and we respond to your needs in a time-sensitive manner. We share your sense of urgency.


This means we react to your unique circumstances and are adaptable to your changing scenarios. We strive to understand your internal systems and work within them.

On-time delivery

This means we deliver on your schedule, even if that schedule changes. In addition, we understand your delivery requirements such as skid height restrictions, and our drivers work with your receiving department.


This means you can expect the product to be right the first time. We are committed to a documented quality system and to producing your corrugated packaging according to your specifications.


This means we are environmentally and socially responsible, and we will work to reduce use of resources when mutually beneficial. We are committed to a documented sustainability system, and we invest in new technology to stay competitive.


This means we align our goals and objectives with yours. We strive to build partnerships with our customers through transparency and team-building efforts.

Want to know more?

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